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Boston, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf: Etihad unveils new routes

UAE Carrier Etihad has unveiled new routes to its already vast network as well as increased frequency to a number of destinations. Increased flight destinations include Cairo with a total frequency of 21 flights per week starting from 1st Jan 2024, Maldives with a total frequency of 14 flights a week starting from Jan 2024, Phuket with a total frequency of 14 flights per week starting from the 21st November 2023 and many more. Take a look below at some of the new destinations unveiled and let us know if you’ll be adding them to your bucket list.

Boston, capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the first destination on our list. Etihad will be operating four flights per week starting from 31st March 2024. A city full of history, sports and things to enjoy throughout the seasons, Boston is one to look out for. There is plenty on offer and one of the must see things to visit is the Museum of Fine Arts. Featuring art from around the world, travel back in time with masterpieces from Japan, Egypt and the ancient world and American art from both colonial and modern times. You’ll also be amazed to know that this art museum is home to more Monets than any other museum outside of Paris. Visit and be inspired.

It’s time to get your get your walking shoes on with The Freedom Trail. Walk through history and experience the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile red-brick trail taking you through Boston’s historic neighbourhoods. You can choose from a range of sites, including the Boston Common, Old Corner Bookstore, Old North Church and many more.

If you still haven’t seen enough of Boston then it’s time for the Boston Duck Tours. A must see when exploring the city, the Boston Duck Tours is a sightseeing attraction of the city but not just on a regular tour bus, no you will be travelling in style on a WWII style amphibious landing craft. You won’t just be on land either, this landing craft will also be driven into the Charles River for you to see the views of the Boston skyline.

Our next new destination is Copenhagen where Etihad will be operating four flights per week starting from the 29th September 2023. Denmark’s capital city and home to some of the worlds happiest people, this is a city you won’t want to miss out on. Culture, architecture and royal history are just some of the wonderful things the capital has to offer, guaranteeing visitors plenty to see.

It’s time to saddle up and whisk through the city on two wheels. Known for being the best bike city in the world there are plenty of routes to cycle and places to visit, including the Superkilen Park, The Harbour Circle and for those who are Tour De France sports fans you can ride the route they took in 2022.

The restaurant scene in Copenhagen is to be discovered, whether it be traditional, bistros or Michelin star restaurants, it has it all and is also perfect for people on a budget. The only question left is which one do you choose from?

With plenty to do in Copenhagen a day trip outside of the city doesn’t always seem like an option, but with coastlines, an 800 year old market town and chalk cliffs you’ll be experiencing a whole lot more of what’s to offer. Could we be seeing a few extra days added to your itinerary when you take a trip to this spectacular city?

Our final destination of the many new routes is Dusseldorf, Etihad will be operating three flights per week from the 28th September 2023. Located in Western Germany, Dusseldorf is full of culture, art, fashion and the world’s longest bar.

Known for its fashion we can’t not start off with the shopping experiences this city has to offer. From Chanel to Gucci this is the place to be if you want to see the latest trends from the world famous fashion shows.

Nightlife is something to experience in Dusseldorf and that’s all down to the city being home to 260 pubs and bars located in the Old Town. Whether it’s a big night out or a quiet one in the pub you’ll have to plenty to choose from.

As you travel around the city you’ll be surrounded by diverse architecture, from the Bezirksregierung (Government District) to the Dusseldorfer Schauspielhaus (theatre), you’ll always see something different.

These are just a few of the new routes Etihad has unveiled, others include Osaka, St Petersburg, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. If your bucket list wasn’t already long enough with places to visit then it’s about to get longer with all the new destinations on offer.



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