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LJS Aviation proudly maintains a comprehensive inventory of aircraft evacuation slides across most Airbus and Boeing platforms. As a stockist, we maintain a wide range of DOMs

available for immediate shipment.


The strategic procurement team consistently reviews our stock position to ensure regular replenishment of our dynamic slide stock, and we are adding new and unique evacuation slides for various fleet types on a regular basis.

LJS Aviation

Why LJS Aviation?

Our MRO team and in-house engineer maintain access to the latest technical information to ensure compliance with all Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. We are vigilant in monitoring the latest design and reliability improvements as dictated by the OEMs to ensure that our stock is market-leading and maintained to the highest standards.


We pride ourselves on product expertise and market knowledge. This translates to reliable cost-effective options for our customers. Operators seeking a higher level of efficiency through optimized procurement strategies can rely on LJS Aviation to satisfy all areas of demand including Initial Provisioning, Stock Replenishment and AOG. LJS Aviation will pro-actively invest and strategically address maintenance planning requirements by positioning evacuation slides at designated MRO locations for quick and easy access significantly improving the efficiency of scheduled removals and replacements.

LJS Aviation
Evacuation Slides
Evacuation Slide Facts


An essential part of your journey



We provide a range of sales loans and exchanges services by way of our headquarters based in Washington, UK.

Sales loans and exchanges


All spares are supplied with full certification with guaranteed delivery from our vast inventory.

We guarantee a service level, or a range of pricing based on either volume or exclusivity, regardless of how frequent or extensive your needs might be.


LJS Aviation can manage your business on a general day by day requirement basis, or we can tailor a general terms agreement to meet your particular requirements.


Regardless of how frequent or extensive your needs, our customer service team is always available to source your spares requirements for all current aircraft.

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