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Our Culture

What is our process approach?


Quality and safety form the management principles of LJS Aviation. They are at the core of our foundation and guide our business focus and goals daily. LJS Aviation depends on its customers, and we strive to both meet and exceed their expectations through our accredited system of continuous improvement.

Our leadership creates an environment that inspires engagement at a personal level and facilitates the growth and development of our team, so they can become fully immersed in the achievement of our organisational goals. We achieve efficiency and success through the careful and thoughtful management of our resources and our processes. At LJS Aviation we also value the analysis of fact-based data and information to make effective decisions.

Relationships with our partners and customers in the aerospace aftermarket community also enhance our ability to add value to our products and services. LJS Aviation maintains a vigilant focus on continuous improvement which remains a fundamental and permanent objective of our Quality Management System.

LJS Aviation has met the requirements of ISO 9001-2015, as well as ASA-100, and we are proud to be certified by two of the most widely recognised management tools in the world.

LJS Aviation plans to seek additional quality accreditations, as part of our continuous improvement objectives, as well as continually refining and improving our current process and procedures.


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