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Repair management is a niche service offered by many large aftermarket organisations who can deliver competitive prices due to their economies of scale. In theory, this should translate to cost savings through what is commonly known as value engineering and faster turn-around times.

For larger fleet operators, particularly in the LCC community, the strategic approach of outsourcing this function may be beneficial in streamlining costs however for some operators, the reality of this total value proposition does not always deliver the intended financial goals and maintenance requirements. In many cases, the PN becomes a process led by profit and KPIs.

At LJS Aviation our MRO division is led by skilled technical management and engineering. There are a range of skill sets within the department that embody a commercial cost savings attitude that doesn’t compromise the quality of work nor the tag. At LJS Aviation we understand the components and we track warranties. We work closely with shops to ensure that quotes are accurate and economical without compromising quality.

LJS Aviation uses a reputable network of trusted repair shops and high-quality components, and your repair is never treated just as a part number. We work closely with our customers and listen to any concerns or requests.

At LJS Aviation repair management is not a process but a rich customer experience we hold in high regard.

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