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2023 Airline Routes Announced: Where will you be flying to?

We’re three months into the new year which means we have new airline routes to look forward to. Airlines around the world have announced their 2023 routes and below are just some that we can’t wait for. You’ll also find some tourist hotspots for these new destinations if you wish to visit.

Gulf Air in January announced their 2023 beach destinations and with this came their new route to Goa which expands their network and commences on the 27th March. The route will be between Bahrain Airport (BAH) and Goa Dabolim (GOI) and flights will be operating four times a week. As well as their new addition, their 2023 beach destinations also include, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Mykonos, Nice and Malaga.


Goa is one of India’s little capsules of bliss. Located in Western India along the coastline and known for its sun, sea and wonderful food you are sure to be amazed. The must see in Goa is one of their sandy beaches and in particular ‘Turtle Beach’. This hidden gem nests Olive Ridley Turtles which are protected, meaning it’s perfect for people who are looking to relax and take in this little piece of paradise.

Opportunities to explore the culture of Goa are always on offer and one of these must do’s is the Spice Plantations. Take a walking tour through the plantation and finish with a traditional Goan lunch, this is great if you want to escape the crowds and it certainly won’t be something to forget in a hurry.

Take a shopping trip in one of the many markets, whether you want to go during the day or at night, each offers many terrific pieces. Handicraft, woodcraft items, seashell craft items, crochet and embroidery, whether you want something for yourself or want to impress family and friends, you will be spoilt for choice.

Virgin Atlantic announced their 3 weekly new routes from Heathrow to the Maldives, commencing the 22nd October 2023. The airline will fly between London Heathrow and Velana International Airport and return flights will begin on the 25th October 2023. The route will be operated by their B787 – 9 aircraft and will feature 31 seats in upper class, 35 in Premium and 192 in Economy. Tickets are now on sale.


The Maldives has been the world’s leading destination 3 years running (2020,2021,2022). It has 1192 islands spanning across 871 kilometers and is home to about 5% of the world’s reefs. Relaxation, spectacular views, and hotel experiences like no other, you will certainly be experiencing a little slice of paradise. If you’re going to a beautiful place why not stay in luxurious accommodation, from resorts, hotels and guesthouses to liveaboards, because who wouldn’t want to wake up on a clear blue ocean.

Can’t decide which island to stay on? Don’t panic, why not take a trip on the once in a lifetime island hopping excursion which will give you the opportunity to visit many of the other islands. You will also be treated to a barbeque on the beach and get a close up of the marine life whilst snorkeling in the clear blue waters.

You could also choose to go to one of their incredible spas, whether it’s a massage in one of their many treatment rooms, swimming in a hydro pool or taking a well-earned nap in a relaxation room. This will have you appreciating the little things in life. Exploring the Maldives with two feet on the ground is one thing but why not see it from the skies? All you need to do is find a resort who can offer you a ‘Photo Flights’ experience. This is an exciting opportunity where organised seaplanes can take visitors into the skies and allow you to capture the beauty of the islands. This could just be one of the many things to help decide which resort to stay in.

United Airlines will be offering routes from Washington DC to Berlin, originally meant to start in 2022 this will now be commencing on the 25th May, 2023. The new route will be on board their B767 – 400ER.


A city known for its history, most notably the Berlin Wall, offers so much for tourists to explore. Berlin has been featured in many articles as one of the best cities in Europe to visit and even work, giving visitors peace of mind that they won’t be disappointed.

One of their most popular sites is the Berlin Wall, which divided East and West Berlin for almost 30 years (13th August 1961 – 9th November 1989). In 1990, over 100 artists from countries around the world came to Berlin and decorated part of the wall with their artwork, this is now known as ‘East Side Gallery’. The most recognised piece of work is the ‘Fraternal Kiss’ which depicts a kiss between Russian leader Leonid Brehnev and East Germany’s party Chairman Erich Honecker. Today you can find traces of the wall and its memorial sites across the city and discover Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburg gate which each offer their own rich piece of history.

Discover other sites including the Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace and Kurfurstendamm which is Berlin’s shopping haven for those than enjoy that bit of shopping luxury.

There are so many things to do and see, whether you’re a shopaholic, want to be emersed in history or just want to have a good old explore, its all about choosing which Berlin you want to see.

Jetblue will be operating a new route from New York to Paris ODG this Summer. This will be their 2nd transatlantic destination following the airline launch of service to London in August 2021, service for this new route will begin on the 29th June, 2023.


Romance, architecture and an artist’s dream, these are just some of the ways Paris can be defined as. This popular city is great for people who want to enjoy a mini weekend, and what better way to see everything than the open top bus tour which is your answer to seeing the magic Paris has to offer.

If culture is what you’re looking for then you’re in for a right treat, look over the city up the Eiffel Tower, wander round The Arc de Triomphe or stroll through the Lourve Museum where you will see the world’s treasures, including the Mona Lisa, ‘Ideal Greek Beauty’ and ‘A Stairway to Victory’.

Now there’s no denying that what Paris has to offer is truly spectacular. The sights, the monuments, the paintings all are must see’s. But being the 2nd most visited city in the world back in 2022 you’re bound to return time and time again. What a way to return than by doing something a little bit different and off schedule from seeing the other popular sights. Why not take a free walk with a Paris Greeter. This service allows visitors to be partnered with a local volunteer who will show you all the hidden parts of Paris and all the things that make Paris special. This really is an opportunity worth taking.

Airlines are really stepping it up in 2023 with their new routes and these are only a few of what’s on offer. If you have the opportunity to be on one of these or any of the new routes announced for 2023, we’d love to hear your experience.



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